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Roulette online is one of the casino games with the biggest audience. Dating back to the 17th century, roulette is a legendary game. With today’s modern technology, the roulette tables are available on your preferred device. It’s one of the games with the smallest house edge. In this article, we cover everything from the rules, to the new innovative roulette versions. 

The wide variety of roulette games online is astonishing. When playing live casino, the action is HD-live streamed with a croupier spinning the ball. Are you a social player? When playing roulette online you can socialise with the croupier and other players at the table. 2020 is the year of mobile roulette, it has never been more popular!


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Enjoy Live Streamed Roulette

The introduction of HD-live streaming technology redefined how casino games are played. In a live casino, players can enjoy an authentic roulette experience. The action happens in a studio environment with a live croupier. Some of the best game providers are Evolution Gaming, PlayTech and NetEnt. These providers stream the most popular roulette versions. Some of the popular live roulette variants that you can enjoy live are European, American, French versions to innovative versions such as Lightning Roulette.

New and Innovative Roulette Games

Depending on your choice of casino, you can enjoy themed roulette games. Some of themed roulette games are often immersive and incorporates several cutting-edge design elements. A perfect example of this is Immersive Roulette If you prefer double luck, you can try roulette tables that have two roulette balls. This is called Double Ball Roulette.  Roulette may have a long history but it’s one step ahead due to innovative technologies available. You can play these roulette variants in real-time by signing up by our toplist at the top.

Land-based Roulette vs Online Roulette

Roulette is now playable across all platforms and devices. Gone are the days when you need to drive to a big-city casino. Thanks to new technologies and innovation in the industry, you can play roulette via your browser or responsive mobile apps. You would imagine it being complicated playing roulette online. However, the interfaces are very user-friendly. To play with fake money, enter any roulette table whilst being logged out.

Perks of Playing Online

Now, online roulette has its own set of benefits and perks that you cannot find at a land based casino. One major advantage is the variety of games available. In a traditional casino environment, you have a few tables to join. In an online casino, you get access to a wide range of roulette games. Whether you are looking for the standard roulette game or one that offers an immersive experience with multiple camera angles, the online gambling environment can easily deliver.

Socialise with Other Players

So, to boost engagement and socialization, players can chat with the croupier and other players at the table. You can ask the croupier for the rules or even to make quicker spins. In the roulette section, you will find tables in native languages. So when playing from Canada, you might want to play with a french croupier, then enter the French Roulette Table. Finally, the main advantage of online roulette is its convenience and flexibility. You no longer need a specific dress code to enjoy the games. With online and mobile roulette, you bring the games in your pocket.

Play With Live Croupiers

When you log into your account you will enter the casino lobby. This can be considered as the casino floor in traditional casinos. In the lobby you see different games. If you don’t see any roulette games already, look for the live casino or roulette category. A wide variety of live roulette tables will be displayed. These are the live dealer games you want to play to get an authentic roulette experience.

What do Roulette Croupiers do

First and foremost, they keep the game going. When a new round starts, they rotate the wheel in one direction and the ball in the opposite direction. When the ball has landed in a numbered pocket, the croupier calls out the result. And also, like a traditional croupier would do, they help the players along the way. The croupiers are experts in their fields and knows the ins and outs of all types of bets. In order for operators to offer live games around the clock, they will need croupiers around the clock as well. Therefore they work in shifts.

Mobile Roulette

Today’s new technologies allow players to enjoy casino games across platforms and devices. And if you visit one of the Canadian casinos from our toplists, you will discover the technology to play live roulette on mobile devices. They are all accessible from iOS and Android devices through the browser or native mobile app. One of the biggest perks of playing via an app is that you minimize bandwidth usage. In mobile roulette, the action and convenience are on another level.

How do I place my bets with Mobile?

Like many other apps, user-friendliness is the main focus. In mobile roulette, you can access all your favorite roulette games. When a new round starts you will be presented with the betting interface. Here, you can select chips and place them on the table by tapping the screen. Also, if you tilt your smartphone, you will enter landscape mode that has an even better betting interface.

Our Favorite Mobile Roulette Tables

Different Types of Roulette

As mentioned, the game of roulette is one of the oldest casino games around. It was during the 18th century that the first game was introduced to the public. It was a game of chance that uses a table and a wheel where a ball will spin to decide on the winning outcome. There are conflicting stories regarding the actual person who first introduced the game with some saying that it was Blaise Pascal who first introduced this new form of entertainment. Regardless of the actual design or the person that first introduced the game, roulette has managed to capture the imagination of casino players and enthusiasts. Its popularity spread from Europe to the United States and through its history, it produced different variants. Among the most popular variants that you can play in real money, mode are American Roulette, European Roulette, and French Roulette which are briefly described below.

French Roulette

Some players mistake the European Roulette for the French variant. This is understandable since both game variants feature the same table design, similar numbers, and betting alternatives. What makes French Roulette different from its European counterpart is the presence of two additional rules: the En Prison and the La Partage. True to style, the unique rules and regulations of the game are expressed in the French language. These two additional rules on the game apply to all bets that offer a payout of 1:1, for example, your bet on a Black/Red. When you say ‘En Prison’, this means that if the roulette ball falls in the green 0, the croupier will not immediately collect your money. Your wager remains on that slot for another spin. Now, if the wager wins on that next spin of the roulette ball, you get back the wager. The ‘La Partage’ is a variant of this rule which gives back half of your wager if it lands on the green 0. The presence of these two rules makes French Roulette gives it a higher RTP. This makes the French version a highly recommended variant for players looking for a lower house edge.

European Roulette

If you’re going to visit the top Canadian casinos online, you will find European Roulette as the most popular variant. Just like other roulette games, the European variant comes with a wheel and table where you can place your bets. When you check out the table layout, you will find a grid that has an inside and outside. On the inside of the table layout, there are 37 different positions where you can place your bets which includes the numbers from 0 to 36. of these numbers, the 18 slots red, the other 18 are black, and the remaining slot is green (0). On the outside, you can find additional 12 positions and the 8 of these slots represent different combinations of numbers. The remaining for slots on the table provide you with the chance to bet on Black/Red and Even/Odd. Just like other roulette variants, the European version features a live dealer version. In the Live European Roulette, you play directly with the dealer in real-time. You can also access the game using your mobile device thus promoting both comfort and convenience. Furthermore, a live dealer platform allows you access to promotions and campaigns in real-time.

American Roulette

If you are new to online roulette, there’s a big chance that you will easily mistake the European variant for American Roulette. But American Roulette is a different game and slightly different layout. Here, you can count on 38 numbers on the roulette table with the last slot reserved for ‘00’. Although it assumes an ‘American’ name, it originates from Europe and reached the United States through the efforts of the French immigrants. When this game was first introduced in the US, the casino operators thought that it was uninteresting due to a perceived ‘lower house edge’. As a response, the casino operators decided to add an extra slot (for ‘00’) to boost the house edge. In short, this variant of online roulette will give you a much lower theoretical payout compared to the French or European version. Although it has a lower RTP, many Canadian casinos carry this roulette variant. You can also find the mobile and live dealer versions of the game. Just like other games, American Roulette is known for easy-to-remember rules and betting types. If you are a new player, you can’t go wrong with the three basic bets to make in this variant: the numbered bets, color bets, and the odd/even bets.

Online Roulette Promotions

Playing roulette online will not just bring you the convenience and flexibility, it will also offer you lucrative bonuses and promotions. As a new player of the casino, you can gain access to standard casino offers like the new customer bonus and no deposit bonus. These online roulette promotions are given to new players who have signed up for an account. Once you confirm your account, opportunities open up to provide you with more lucrative and innovative campaigns and promotions. Some casino operators will feature cashback offers and loyalty points. In a cashback offer, you can get a fraction of what you have lost in playing roulette games. The loyalty program, on the other hand, will provide you with points for every wager made. Once you have collected a certain number of points, you can move from one tier level to the next or you can use these to swap for bonus money.

In other casinos, you will find more innovative campaigns from bonuses awarded in real-time to an instant bonus when the roulette ball hits the number ‘8’. With online roulette, you can easily find the right set of bonuses that can appeal to your lifestyle.

Tailored Studios

In the delivery of live dealer games, casino operators and software vendors invest in new technologies and infrastructures like cameras, dedicated tables, and tailored studios. Since the action is streamed live from a remote studio or casino, it’s only natural for operators to invest a lot of time and effort in creating the best gambling environment for players looking for an authentic casino experience. The result is the development of purpose-built and tailored studios for live dealer roulette.

Compared to the traditional casino rooms and studios, the tailored studios feature dedicated tables, multiple cameras, a game control room, and games are hosted by highly professional dealers. In these studios, operators often replicate the look and language used in premium brick-and-mortar casinos. Some vendors like Evolution Gaming use modern equipment and technologies to design their tailored studios. For Evolution, the main technology used is the ‘blue screen technology’. As used in London Roulette, this technology creates that illusion of space and opulent interiors that promote a VIP experience. Also, the use of this technology allows the native-speaking roulette dealers to be hosted in different interiors. This innovation works for both the operator and the players.


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The Best Roulette Providers in Canada

Online roulette games is a big business and it’s an industry that’s served by some of the leading software vendors in the market. These software vendors and game studios sell their live dealer games to casinos and they don’t have direct engagement with players. The job of roulette providers is to develop the infrastructure, design games, provide the platforms, and manage the production of live roulette games. Also, the roulette providers can offer back office and technical support services to online casinos. The support services are accessible across channels and available 24/7. It is on these various services that these roulette providers often compete with each other. And in this competition, some roulette providers are considered better and highly recommended than the rest. We describe below the best roulette providers in Canada and the types of games, technology, and services to expect.


Netent is an industry leader when it comes to digital games and premium video slots. And one of the most popular products under its portfolio is Live Roulette. Just like other Netent creations, this live dealer game boasts outstanding streaming, friendly user interface, and synchronized audio and visuals which help promote a seamless casino experience. Players can enjoy this live dealer variant in both portrait and landscape mode. Also, you are allowed to put bets during the spinning of the wheel. Furthermore, its Live Roulette is available in multiple languages which can help players from different regions.


When it comes to premium and highly flexible live dealer games, Evolution Gaming is considered a global leader. With Evolution, you can count on multiple versions of live roulette which can suit the needs of different types of players. If you are looking for a more engaging roulette experience, then Lightning Roulette is highly recommended. As the name suggests, this is an electrifying take on the standard roulette game. When you play in real money, you have the chance to win the Lucky Payouts and the Lucky Numbers. Even the environment and user interface offers exciting times to players. Its studio features an Art Deco theme in gold and black.


Playtech offers a high-end live dealer experience with its collection of top casino games. One of the most exciting titles under its lineup is Live Roulette. Just like its standard casino offerings, its Live Roulette is streamed from a premium studio and boasts customization tools and the use of advanced technology. And thanks to the use of these technologies, the company manages to provide the market with innovative variants that offer a unique gaming experience. The latest product to come out of the studio is Quantum Roulette, a game that boasts immersive features which is playable under the ‘Single Zero Roulette rules’.

Extreme Live Gaming

Extreme boasts one of the most diverse portfolios in the live casino industry. Compared to other software vendors in the market, Extreme Live Gaming is primarily invested in the live casino industry. One of its flagship products is Live Roulette which is available in different variants to suit player requirements. A popular option available on this platform is Golden Ball. This is a highly professional roulette game that awards players with luxury items or cash as prizes. Other exciting variants to try are Reel Roulette and Club Roulette.


Started in 2012, Ezugi is an innovative software company that delivers a premium roulette experience. Its roulette variant is based on the European version with 37 numbers and a single zero. In this casino production, you can enjoy the standard inside and outside bets together with the classy French bets. Its games also boast exciting features and tools that can help Canadian casino operators. For example, the game offers bet limit capabilities, live chat, and live support chat. Players, on the other hand, can enjoy seamless coverage in real-time thanks to the use of a multi-camera set-up and in-game history.