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Also known as 21, blackjack is one of the most popular card games. Online blackjack is played between players and a dealer. Since its introduction, the rules have remained the same and its popularity has never waned a bit. Today, you can get an authentic blackjack experience with a live dealer via your desktop or mobile device

In this article, we will go through the basic blackjack rules and gameplay of blackjack. It’s a skill based game where smart decisions make the difference between losing and winning. If you know when to hit, stand or double down you’ll have more confidence at the blackjack tables. Online blackjack is HD-live streamed and you can enjoy the cinematic action from your favorite armchair!


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Play Streamed Online Blackjack

Blackjack is best in live streamed with an actual dealer. When seeing the decks of cards getting shuffled and being dealt, you know that you are playing on fair terms. When entering a blackjack table you will first notice a slight background noise from the studio. When at the table, you will see an open seat with a TAKE SEAT-sign.

What happens at the Table?

If a round is ongoing, you will need to wait for a new round to start. When a new round start you are able to place bets, as well as side bets. The dealer will then deal two cards to each player and two to himself, one face-up and one face-down. At this stage, you will be able to do pre-decisions which will speed up the game round. When it’s your turn, you are able to hit, stand and double down. When the players are done making their choices, the dealer will turn his face-down card, and if he has 16 or under, he has to take additional cards until he busts.

How do I Win?

To win at blackjack, you need to get as close to 21 as possible, without the dealer having a blackjack or a higher value. On your screen, you will see a straight-forward interface with the sum of your and the dealer’s hand. There are many blackjack strategies, but these are some of the basic strategies:

  • Always stand on 17
  • Always hit on soft 17 or less 
  • Always hit on 11 or less
  • Stand on soft 18, except if the dealer has 9, 10 or an Ace

Enjoy Live Dealer Blackjack

Online blackjack is a standard offering in top casinos and gambling platforms. If you visit some of the online casinos, you will find live blackjack games under the live casino section. If you are looking at a traditional blackjack experience, the most popular variations are Blackjack Switch, Spanish 21, Free Bet Blackjack and Super Fun 21. These games vary in terms of decks of cards used and slight rule variations. If you check out a live casino environment, your list of options longer. Innovative game providers such as Evolution Gaming are on the frontline when it comes to live dealer versions of blackjack.

Live Casino Blackjack

In live casino blackjack, you play with actual dealers. The tables often use eight decks of cards that are shuffled together and placed in the shoe. At the blackjack tables, you are able to socialize with dealers and other players at the table via the chat. If it’s your first time playing, you will be asked to enter a username that will be used when chatting. When it comes to language used by the table, you will find english and french tables with the live dealer speaking english or french. One thing that all tables have in common is the classy setting and friendly dealers.

Blackjack dealers are highly professional and they are experts when it comes to the blackjack game. These dealers can guide you through the process of placing bets to actual gameplay. The good news is most live casino games today are hosted by dealers who can speak in various native languages like French. Your French dealers can provide you with that authentic blackjack session in a language you’re most comfortable with.

Mobile Blackjack

The players’ gambling experience is now improved thanks to new tools and innovation in the business. One popular innovation available in most casinos is the mobile casino, a platform that allows you to play the games across devices. Apart from the classic version of the game, players and card enthusiasts can also access a wide selection of blackjack games like Pontoon 21, American Blackjack, and Blackjack Bonus. The actual variants to play depend on the software vendors supporting the casino. 

To enjoy mobile gambling services, you need to download first the casino app. This native casino app can be downloaded at the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple Store for iOS devices. Simply follow the download process indicated on the website. Once downloaded, you will be able to access the app from your app library. Your device should meet the minimum system requirements before the native casino app can be installed.

Another option for playing mobile blackjack is through the use of a web app. In a web app, you can directly access the casino games from the browser of your device. Again, your mobile device should run on the latest version of the browser. Once installed, you can now gain access to a wide range of casino services including popular blackjack games. In a mobile platform, you can enjoy the games in practice play and real money modes. Also, mobile blackjack gives you access to exclusive offers and campaigns. 

Furthermore, the casino app will allow you to complete the transactions conveniently and securely. Whatever payment options are covered on the website, you can expect that these payment processors are also accepted on mobile. Depending on the casino, you can also get access to exclusive tools on the app. For example, a leading casino offers a specialized app that helps players customize and track their entries in tournaments.

Our Favorite Mobile Blackjack Tables

Online Blackjack vs Land-based Blackjack

Blackjack is a standard offering in traditional casinos and gambling hubs. No casino is considered complete without offering this game to the patrons. When you play in a blackjack casino, you don’t just enjoy the game, you can also appreciate the socialization that comes with the sessions.

When you sign up with a casino and play blackjack online, you open up a world of opportunities and benefits. An obvious benefit of online gameplay is convenience and flexibility. In an online blackjack game, you don’t need to drive or physically visit a casino. Just use your desktop or mobile device to access the games. Sometimes, it’s helpful to play without distractions and an online casino makes it happen. Furthermore, online blackjack gives you more options on what specific variants to play or in what limits. You can get play different blackjack variants from top vendors like Playtech, Netent, and Evolution Gaming. The diversity in games and themes is more pronounced if you check out the live dealer blackjack section. Here, top providers like Evolution Gaming, Ezugi and Playtech offer a diverse and colorful collection of blackjack games. You can even find tables in various languages including Deutsch, Spanish, and French. 

If you are looking for a premium experience and exclusivity, then the VIP tables or dedicated tables with higher limits are highly recommended. When diversity in games and premium experience matters, then it’s best to go for your online blackjack games.

Learn how to play Blackjack Online

How to Play Blackjack

As a casino game, blackjack traces a long yet unclear history. According to some sources, the first reference on this game was made by Miguel de Cervantes in his classic work, Don Quixote. From here, a few more sources described the game and its rules. Although new variants of the game have been introduced to the public in recent years, it’s gameplay and standard rules have remained. In this part of the game guide, we take a look at the important rules and decisions that you will make when participating in real-money play. 


At the start of the round, the system will deal with one card to the dealer and two cards for the player. The player’s cards are shown face-up and the total value will be shown. At this point, one of the decisions that you can make is to ‘hit’. If you click on this option, you are sending a signal to the system that you need another card to build the hand value. 

If playing in a traditional casino, you scrape the card against the table or you can tap the table with your finger. You can choose this action if the value of the two cards is very low and the initial card of the dealer looks promising. For example, if your first two cards are a ‘2’ and ‘2’, then clicking ‘Hit’ may work for your advantage. 


Aside from ‘Hit’, another important decision that you can make on the blackjack table is to ‘Stand’. Also known as stay or stick, to stand means to take no more cards from the dealer.  In a traditional casino setting, you simply slide cards under the chips or you wave your hand horizontally. To stand in blackjack means that you are satisfied with the results and your hands current value. And you are confident that the hand can beat the dealers hand. 

Whether you hit or stand eventually depends on the face-up card and expected hand value of the dealer. It is recommended to stand if you have collected a hard 17 or higher, such as an A-9 or an A-8. Furthermore, standing is the best option for you if the dealer has a three and you have anything over 13.


Another action that you can do on your cards is to split it. This is allowed if the initial two cards assigned to you are of the same value, like a 6,6 or an 8,8. When you choose to split, you create two separate hands and proceed to play on each. To play both hands at the same time, you also need to make a wager that matches the original wager before the game starts. 

When you decide to split, an additional set of rules may be used depending on the casino. For example, the hands are treated as independent hands, with the player losing one or winning the other or the other way around. Also, some casinos will specify a rule on splitting that only applies on cards of the same ranks not of value. Furthermore, the dealer may also provide rules for re-splitting. If you get another matching card after a successful split, then the casino may allow you to split this pair again. Casinos may put a limit on a number of re-splits that you can make in a game.

The only exception to the rule is when you split Aces. If you collect to Aces and decide to split, most casinos will only give you one subsequent card on each hand.

Double Down

Double down is an important action in the blackjack table where you double the initial bet in exchange for standing after collecting one more card. In traditional gameplay, the extra bet is placed in the betting bet next to the original wager. Most casino operators will specify that the amount of increase on the wager should not exceed 100%. The non-controlling players on the table may also double the bet or decline the opportunity but they are covered by the decision of the controlling player to just get one more card. This option in the game is an effective way of boosting one’s long-term winnings. There are two general rules used in the double down option, the Reno rule and the European standard:

  • In the Reno rule, the double down is only allowed on 9, 10, or 11. 
  • in the European standard, you can only double on 10 or 11.

Some blackjack experts have recommended situations when it’s best to double down:

  1. You can go this route if your hand value is 11 and the dealer’s card is low, like 6 and below. 
  2. You can double down if you have a soft 16, 17, or 18. Finally, this option is best if you have a hard 9 or 10.

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Dealer in your language

Other software vendors and casinos improve their live blackjack studios by supporting multiple languages. In these blackjack studios, the live casino dealers and chat moderators can speak in the player’s native language thus helping boost engagement. It’s now common to find blackjack studios with dealers speaking in Chinese, Deutsch, and French. If you are looking for a grand and highly premium gaming experience, you can try the VIP blackjack studios. Playtech is the leading supplier of the premium blackjack experience thanks to its flagship Grand Royale. This is the first of many concepts from the company that is destined to change the live casino experience. In this cutting-edge casino studio, players can expect VIP services, superior features, improved functionality, and next-level personalization.

Extreme Live Gaming is also one of the leading suppliers of dedicated environments like an exclusive blackjack studio. In its live blackjack studio, there are only seven seats available per table and a player can occupy multiple seats at a time. And each table offers an intimate ambiance between the player and the table which helps create that truly private gaming experience.

Blackjack Studios

Aside from the flexibility and diversity of blackjack games offered by the online casino environment, players can also enjoy premium and dedicated blackjack studios. This is especially true if you decide to visit the live casino segment and try out some of the blackjack variants. One leading supplier of premium and dedicated tables and blackjack environments is Evolution Gaming. The company can offer bespoke gaming environments that can match the specifications and target markets of the operators. In these studios, operators can also add a large plasma that can stream promotions and campaigns in real-time. The blackjack studios of the company also rely on 3D graphics and the use of blue screen technology. And to ensure that players can enjoy the complete branded experience, the staff attire, backdrop, and the dedicated blackjack tables can match the operator’s logo or branding.

Find the best Blackjack Games Online

The Best Blackjack Providers in Canada

Blackjack may be considered as one of the oldest games around. Today, this classic card game is a standard casino offering and it’s even available in different variants and various betting limits. This traditional card game is played with eight decks of cards, a dealer, a blackjack table, and the participation of multiple players. The gameplay and rules have not changed significantly through the years except for a few variations in rules depending on the specific variant or game provider you play. You can even find the live dealer versions of blackjack which promise a more authentic and engaging casino experience. This diversity in titles, and themes are made possible by the presence of the best blackjack providers in Canada. Today, there are more than a dozen software vendors and game designers that supply the best games for Canadian casinos. In this section of the guide, we list the best blackjack providers and the reasons why these companies are the preferred suppliers in the Canadian market.


This Swedish company delivers its version of this casino classic but with improved graphics and innovative user interface. There are three blackjack variants that you can explore under the Netent Live series: the Live Blackjack, Live Common Draw Blackjack, and the Live Blitz Blackjack. All of these online blackjack variants from Netent delivers superb user experience and innovative features. 

When you play blackjack online, you also get access to Netent Live Rewards. This is an automation engine that takes care of the promotional campaigns of operators. For players, this means easy access to campaigns and promotions in real-time. All these perks and features are compelling reasons for a new player to learn how to play blackjack live.


Evolution Gaming is one of the industry leaders in the Canadian market when it comes to live games and dedicated casino studios. The company uses 3D graphics and blue screen technology to create an immersive experience for its players when playing live blackjack. Speaking of blackjack, this software company offers different variants of the game which include Live Blackjack, Infinity Blackjack, and Free Bet Blackjack. The Blackjack is one of its flagship products and it offers several value-added features that can boost your gaming experience. When you play this live variant, you can take advantage of Pre-Decision, Side Bets, and Bet Behind which can add excitement to the game sessions.


Playtech promises the best live dealer games in the business. And this company does not disappoint with its premium collection of live dealer games and products including its flagship Grand Royale. The Grand Royale is the premium offering of the company which delivers a wide array of new studio casino elements including the Grand Blackjack. In this game, you can count on a VIP experience similar to what you can enjoy from the Salle Privée table. Aside from the exclusivity, Playtech’s live blackjack tables also offer players the freedom and flexibility in completing the games. This is made possible by offering the games in the players’ native languages.

Extreme Live Gaming

Extreme Live Gaming is another passionate supplier of live dealer games and provides the business with its unique approach to the live casino studio experience. One of the most popular products under its portfolio is Live Blackjack, it’s premium take on the classic casino game. In its live blackjack studio, you can find multiple blackjack tables, each offering a unique betting requirement. There are seven seats in every table and a player can occupy multiple seats at a time. Also, other players can bet from behind. Finally, this game allows players to make extra side bets like Perfect Pairs or 21+3.


Ezugi is a popular supplier of live dealer games for the Canadian market and best known for its tailored casino solutions. Its portfolio currently lists four blackjack variants which include the Live Blackjack. Available 24/7, this game is playable across devices. When you sign up for this game, you will find a table with seven seats and an unlimited number of players and enthusiasts that can bet behind. Also, this game offers a friendly user interface on top of the standard actions like insurance, double down, and splitting.